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Exclusive Video Tutorial Reveals 15 Easy, Practical And Proven Ways To Strengthen Your Immune Function, Lose Those Extra Pounds And Finally Get Your Health Under Control. (No Experience Required!)
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Hi! I'm Tanya, a wholehearted advocate for overall health and well-being. I'm also a senior project manager who became a double certified nutrition coach and healthy living strategist. This health journey of mine started a little over 13 years ago when my husband was diagnosed with cancer. I helped him restore his health, not by following fad diets, quick-fix solutions or strict protocols, I did so using practical and proven habit-based healthy eating and living solutions. I quickly realized that no one is invincible to chronic diseases and your health can be taken away from you in a heartbeat when you neglect taking care of yourself.
As a stand against all solutions that makes deceitful claims and leaves you back to where you started, I offer BS-free, step by step, proven solutions to help you create positive results that last. I use simple, practical, and proven healthy eating and living strategies combined with my unique project management approach making achieving your health goal a breeze. No matter how busy you are, I'm able to help you drop those extra 10 to 50 pounds once and for all, increase your daily energy and finally get your health under control while still eating the foods you love ( can still drink your favorite wine 😉 ). Your health is the most important asset you possess and the key to living a life you love. Enjoy this free video tutorial and more importantly use it! 😉

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